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Pioneering Oral Cancer Screening Through Molecular Diagnostics

About Us

pioneering innovation & superior service

PCG Molecular is dedicated to the research and development of genetic screens that detect early signs of DNA and cellular damage that can lead to health risks. The tests are easy to administer, often covered by health insurance and non-invasive to the patient.

Established in 2003, the company understands the tremendous value in educating both patients and doctors about preventive care and makes results and next steps easy to understand. Partnering with PCG Molecular provides practitioners with business models that promote proactive versus reactive care and work within their daily practice processes. To aid in the fight against oral cancer, in 2012 PCG launched the first ever diagnostic screening test for oral cancer, the MOP™, and expects to deliver additional screening tests for other health risks in the near future.
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“We aspire to help change national figures around virus and disease through early intervention, well identified warning signs, and preventive measures.” – Armando Moncada, MD, FCAP President and CEO  PCG Molecular

60 minutes every hour someone dies from oral cancer

3x greater oral cancer has an incidence rate that is three times greater than cervical cancer

30 seconds is all it takes to protect yourself


get the MOP

the only comprehensive, genetic oral cancer screening test on the market

The National Cancer Institute reports that 40% of those diagnosed with oral cancer will die within five years. Why? Because it’s typically discovered in a late stage. The MOP™ test detects oral cancer  and precursors to oral cancer much earlier than any other test available.  It is a simple minty mouth wash. You swish and gargle it for 30 seconds and spit it back into a cup. It’s that simple and it could save your life. All adults aged 18 and older should be screened annually.

The MOP™ is the only test available that detects all three potential signs of oral cancer, including cell abnormalities, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and DNA damage.

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Our Approach

the pcg experience

PCG Molecular establishes communication channels for doctors and patients. Patients understand before they ever arrive in the office that the preventive test is recommended. The test is a simple, non-invasive oral rinse and very easy to administer. Post test, the patient receives a letter detailing their results along with statements regarding insurance coverage and benefits and recommendations regarding scheduling their next screening test.  If additional action is required, practitioners will contact patients directly by phone. Learn More »


Who We Serve

partnering to provide proactive care

empower yourself with information

Reinventing health care means giving patients and doctors the information they need to make good decisions and decreases risks. PCG Molecular gives you the tools to do just that.

serving patients:

  • Schedule annual appointments
  • Take a simple oral rinse
  • Know if you’re at risk
  • Become aware before there’s a problem

serving practitioners:

  • Implement proactive business models
  • Administer tests without disruption
  • Communicate positive results
  • Practice proactive versus reactive care
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